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Casa Quaroni


Un luogo ricco di storia, fascino e quiete silenziosa; quando sogni tutto questo, sogni Casa Quaroni. Scopri la residenza, i suo spazi e i servizi che offre. Alloggiando qui puoi visitare la stupenda Valle Anzasca e tutta l'Ossola, una terra che offre attrattive e attività per tutte le stagioni e tutte le età.


Casa Quaroni is located in Anzino, a small town in the Anzasca Valley, but at the same time a town with a rich history and strong traditions.


The house was built in 1614 by the family that gives it its name for being a valuable residence for mountain farmers and breeders. A house belonging to a family of a certain wealth as evidenced by the stone columns on the ground floor, the decorated balconies and the fresco of 1617 on the wall of the second floor gallery depicting the Madonna del Carmelo.


Over the years the Quaroni family, like many others in the town of Anzino, took the road to Rome to make their fortune and in the early 1900s the link with their native town was lost. Casa Quaroni passed to the family of Amedeo Titoli de Lorenzi, who died in the 1st WW, leaving it to his daughters Rita and Pia.


On the death of the two sisters, the residence was transformed into a B&B to make it once again a living place and a resource for the town. A welcoming house to introduce this small village, rich in history and charm, the history of the house and its builders, but above all to offer real moments of relaxation and lightheartedness to all lovers of the mountains and the beauties of these places that seem to have existed. stop in time.

Panorama dal II piano
Affresco Madonna del Carmelo

Casa Quaroni is located at the top of the village, just before the pastures and woods on the slopes of Monte Scarpignano (2274 mt.).


The house has a main body of the '600. on the ground floor, behind a colonnaded portico, the cellar, the former stable and a room now used as a laundry.


On the first floor, on what was a wooden balcony until the 1960s and is now a veranda, overlook the kitchen - living room where breakfast is served in winter and room 1 (Classic Room). At the end of the corridor the private bathroom of the room.


On the second floor, on the wooden balcony renovated between 2018 and 2019, now closed by bright windows, are the rooms 2 (Comfort) and 3 (Traditional), renovated respecting the characteristics of Alpine architecture.


All covered by an imposing stone roof typical of traditional local architecture.


In an eighteenth-century building detached from the main house, but connected by a characteristic wooden balcony, it has placed a small breakfast room on the first floor on the first floor. This part of the house dates back to the 1700s, the result of a complete renovation which probably led to the placement of the numerous walnut wood cabinets in the rooms (there are 7 of them throughout the house).


As mentioned, the house has a fresco depicting the Madonna del Carmelo, dating back to 1617, on the wall of the gallery on the second floor.


The house is surrounded by what until a few decades ago were farmhouses used to shelter goats, sheep and cows, as well as barns, some of which once belonged to the same owners of the house.


All around the residence a garden opens onto the panorama of stone roofs and the peaks of the mountains of the Anzasca Valley, offering a unique panorama, and, always when the weather permits, an exceptional location for breathtaking breakfasts.

Veduta da casa Quaroni del panorama di Anzino e Monte Rosa
Serata estiva nel giardino di Casa Quaroni
Gli ospiti partono per una camminata sui sentieri intorno al paese
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